Want to enjoy a nice slow relaxing ride while taking in beautiful scenery?
The Heber Valley Railroad offers just that. Currently, we have two different seasonal options for you to choose from with our Scenic Trains.
Enjoy a ride on one of our daily Scenic Trains for a nice slow paced relaxing ride through the breathtaking Heber Valley and Wasatch Mountains, around the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir, and alongside the majestic Provo River to Vivian Park*. Our Scenic Trains currently does not include the Provo Canyon Limited (Spring/Summer) This ride, all the way to the end of our tracks at Vivian Park, is temporarily suspended while a parkway is being built – and our tracks in that section are being replaced. The Lakeside Limited (Fall/Winter), and the Deer Creek Express (Year Round). Scenic Trains may also include a boxed lunch** or you can peruse our Concession Car to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. Also included with any of our scenic Trains is Live Entertainment! Whether its our local Fiddlers or perhaps the Conductor gets lucky and finally captures one of the bandits that always trying to rob our train, there is never a dull moment on the Heber Creeper.
Scenic Trains at the Heber Valley Railroad:

*Only the Provo Canyon Limited travels to Vivian Park
**Boxed Lunches are only available on the Provo Canyon Limited and the Lakeside Limited, and must be purchased a minimum of 24-hours in advance.